Hello! I’m Lisa and it is so great to meet all of you. I consider myself a constant work in progress and often describe myself as a former public relations and marketing professional or former elementary education teacher. Both of which are completely accurate descriptions but often lead to one of two questions so what are you now, which is a wonderful question, or why would you leave successful careers for the unknown. The latter is simple while I loved the organizations and schools I worked for I found myself perpetually bored and wishing I could do more, which led me to some serious soul searching and work with a career coach. At the moment I am a design consultant pursing my passion for social justice, health, wellness, education, reform and helping people.  My adult life has been anything but linear, but I have learned so much through all of the twists and turns. Being outdoors and active has long been a passion of mine. Even as a child I craved movement, sun and fresh air.

Originally an East Coast girl I have always had an incredible love for the ocean and the feeling of ease I feel next to it. That being said I ventured to the Mountain West for college, where I fell in love with the mountains. Post college has been an interesting combination of moving…. location, careers, jobs, relationships, but the only constant in life is change. I am blessed to have a supportive partner and friends, a family that tries their darnedest to understand the free spirit of the clan and a sense of humor. A long time ago my mom told me life is going to happen and sometimes it will be awful but you get a choice to laugh or cry. I choose laughter.

Feel free free to reach out to me wth any questions, comments or suggestions. Hope to connect with you all soon! ✌🏽💕