Back before it turned out Lance Armstrong was taking steroids, when everyone still loved and adored him I read his book and he mentioned something in the book that always resonated with me it was that ” Cancer either brings you together or tares you apart.” He was referring to his first marriage and while I was just a child when I read that it resonated with me for some odd reason, but years later I would fully understand what he meant.

While not married to Matt at the time when he had his stroke I became his care taker, which to everyone whom has ever taken on that role you know how tough it is. I thought the role was temporary and for the most part it was, but I think the thing I never actually fully comprehended was just how much Crohn’s Disease played into my care taker role. In so many ways that would be the reason why for most likely the rest of my life I will cycle in and out of the caregiver role. I don’t think there is ever a way to be prepared for that role especially not in your 20s, but when it falls upon you out of the blue you step up to the plate and embrace it, as I did when I needed to.

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IMG_0753.JPG2014…. One could say this was the year that began the renaissance within me. It started out with a bang and by bang I mean I had finished 2013 with starting a new job, the one that would do me in with cube life, following an epic breakup after deciding to spend 2 weeks roaming around India and Nepal, where I did in fact get so malnourished that my brain ceased functioning and I drank the water. Yes, I know this is traveling 101 but tell me how you feel after eating nothing  but a Luna bar a day for 1.5 weeks, trust me when I say you are no longer able to think coherently about anything. Continue reading “2014”