Peace. This is a word I thought I knew the definition of so well, actually better than well. Even as a small child I was all about peace signs and peace, love and happiness. I mean after all I hated guns, didn’t think people should be at war or fight with each other, that everyone should live together as one without conflict. Well it would take me nearly 30 years to learn that there was so much more to peace than that simplistic definition I had in my head.
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The cure for everything…

Image-1-1.pngA favorite quote of mine is “The cure for anything is salt… sweat, tears or the sea.” For me that is incredibly true. I have often found myself needing all three, sometimes at the same time. Exercise has been a passion of mine and major form of stress relief for as long as I can remember. I was a kid that hated TV or being indoors. I remember many a summer night spent outside running around catching fireflies or playing manhunt until I was forced to go inside and get ready for bed. My mom enrolled me in dance classes when I was 2, I started skiing the same year and shortly there after it was soccer then lacrosse throughout most of high school and college. As a lifelong athlete you can start to take advantage of what your body can do for you through exercise, until that one thing that you have always taken as a constant and given is taken away from you.

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